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Rada Obliges Security Service Abolish Planned Antiterrorist Operation, Bans Use Of Fire Arms By Interior Ministry (23:19, Thursday, February 20, 2014)


The Verkhovna Rada has obliged the Security Service of Ukraine to abolish planned antiterrorist operation and banned the use of fire arms by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Respective draft resolution (on condemnation of violence that led to deaths of peaceful Ukrainian citizens) was backed by 236 Verkhovna Rada deputies within minimum required 226 parliamentarians.

The Verkhovna Rada has declared the Security Service's antiterrorist operation contradicting Articles 17 and 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

The Parliament has obliged the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Security Service, Defense Ministry and other militarized formations to immediately stop use of any weapons and special means against citizens.

Besides, the Verkhovna Rada obliged the Ministry of Interior Affairs to stop blocking transport communication all over Ukraine and ensure transfer of staff of interior troops and all units subordinated to the Authority to the places of their permanent dislocation.

Under the document, pretrial investigation bodies will have to close criminal cases against all detained activists.

Besides, the Prosecutor General's Office should investigate all the cases of violence by law enforcement officers against the protesters, and should twice a month inform the Verkhovna Rada about the course of that investigation.

In turn, the Parliament took responsibility for peaceful resolving of the sociopolitical crunch in the country.

After the voting, the deputies applauded each other and sang the national anthem.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, a total of 239 deputies registered at the evening meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on February 20.

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