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Vesti Newspaper Journalist Veremyi Dies Of Bullet Wound In Chest, Shot By Unknown People (10:05, Wednesday, February 19, 2014)


On Wednesday, early in the morning Viacheslav Veremyi, a Vesti newspaper correspondent of the department Kyiv, died in the Kyiv emergency hospital of bullet wound in the chest, shot by unknown people, says the paper he was employed at.

"Late at night of the previous day unknown masked people opened fire at our journalist. Doctors for several hours were fighting for Slava's life but he died on the operating table," Vesti editors office has announced.

The paper demands law-enforcement agencies to conduct an investigation in the shortest possible terms, and find the journalist's murderers.

"We are appealing to all witnesses of what happened, please turn in information that can help find the offenders. Our contact email is [email protected]," the editors office said.

The paper says on Tuesday, late at night unknown men with clubs and weapons, wearing hard hats, camouflage and black masks attacked Veremyio and IT specialist Oleksii Lymarenko at the intersection of Volodymyrska Street and Velyka Zhytomyrska Street in Kyiv, in front of the Chorne Porosia restaurant.

Vesti employees were returning from work on a taxi.

When the car stopped to traffic signal, men ran out from a gateway and began shaking it and throwing Molotov cocktails at it.

They dragged the taxi driver, Viacheslav, and Oleksii out and beat severely.

The driver sustained serious leg injuries, and Oleksii's face was mutilated.

They received emergency medical service.

Viacheslav sustained a bullet wound in the chest.

He died of loss of blood and fatal wounds.

The paper says on February 18 Veremyi turned up to work after a long-lasting sick leave: on January 20 during the storm in Hrushevskoho Street he sustained an eye injury and partly lost sight.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, on Tuesday evening and night about 200 unknown men of athletic looks gathered at the intersection of Volodymyrska Street and Velyka Zhytomyrska Street in central Kyiv.

They were attacking cars heading off Independence Square [Maidan Nezalezhnosti], throwing thunder flashes, engaging in skirmishes with pro-EU rally activists.

The Healthcare Ministry reported deaths of 25 participants in protest actions in Kyiv as of 06:00 on Wednesday.

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